5 Best Selling Graphics Tablets (Without Wacom)

Imagine a world without Wacom.

This is what the graphics tablet landscape would look like if there were no products made by them. The smaller, less well known products (that are equally as good in our opinion) would be all that is left on the shelves and high end graphics professionals would be forced to use these models to do their work.

It is not all doom and gloom though. A simple USB graphics tablet will perform very adequately for the majority of the work that people do. The greater levels of pressure sensitivity or higher DPI do make a difference if you are a digital artist, but otherwise and simple product from someone like Genius will suffice.

Here is a list of the current best selling graphics tablets, without Wacom included.

1. Genius MousePen 8 x 6-Inch

Genius MousePen 8 x 6-Inch Graphic Tablet for Home and OfficeItem #: M16182. The Genius MousePen 8×6 is a deluxe package that includes a tablet with a comfortable 8″x6″ surface area, a cordless pen with 1024 levels of pressure-sensitivity, and a cordless three button mouse. This brand new tablet is ergonomically designed for drawing, handwriting, sketching, coloring, or picture editing, and powered directly by the USB connection. It’s not only a fantastic media tool for SOHO or designers.

Genius MousePen 8×6 – mouse, digitizer, stylusDevice Type: Mouse, digitizer, stylusConnectivity Technology: Wired – USBFeatures: Pressure sensitive penBattery: 2 x AAA typeOS Required: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP Customers also search for: Discount Genius MousePen 8×6 – Mouse, Digitizer, Stylus, Buy Genius MousePen 8×6 – Mouse, Digitizer, Stylus, Wholesale Genius MousePen 8×6 – Mouse, Digitizer, Stylus, 0091163213123, 31100001101, Mouse and Pointing Devices.

Read our review of the Genius 8×6 tablet.

2. Genius G-PEN F610 Ultra slim graphic tablet

Genius G-PEN F610 Ultra slim graphic tabletG-Pen F610 is the brand new slim tablet with 6″x10″ working area and one cordless pen for PC Windows and MACs to write, draw, sketch and sign emails. Using the pen tablet gives you ultra convenience and better control than your mouse. The cursor moves precisely where you position the pen.

We tested the Genius G-Pen F610 and found it to be a very capable product.  Read our F610 review here.

3. DigiPro WP5540

DigiPro WP5540 5.5x4Paint, draw, write, sign, and sketch all your documents and applications! This DigiPro WP5540 digital tablet comes equipped with a pressure sensitive stylus pen giving you the right tools for any task! The tablet features a 5.5 x 4-inch working area with a pen holder and indicator and an attached USB cable.

The stylus pen has 512 levels of pressure sensitivity and is compatible with most graphic software such as Painter and Adobe Photoshop! The WP5540 is Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible (see driver link below).Change the way you interact with your PC! Get the DigiPro WP5540 digital tablet today!

We have yet to review the DigiPro WP5540, but you can get a good price at Amazon here.

4. Adesso CyberTablet M14 Widescreen Slim Graphics Tablet

12X7.25IN Widescreen Slim Media Graphics Tablet 4000 Lpi with pen & SwThe CyberTablet M14 is one of the most spacious tablets in its class. The tablet is able to support a 12 x 7.25 or 9.5 x 7.25 selectable writing area. The tablet is great for graphic artists and animators, architects and engineers, web designers and people who love to draw. It is ideal also for students and professional who are in to handwriting, sketching, coloring and editing photos.

It features a powerful pressure sensitivity to accomplish the most sophisticated computer-aided design task with the aide of 4000 lpi (lines per inch) hardware resolution and 1024 lop (level of pressure) pen sensitivity. It makes easier to use with the aide of an ergonomic pen, tablet and software which is included in the package. It lets you draw naturally and let you write freehand graphics and text, as comfortable as on a real paper. This Media Graphics Tablet provides you with excellent writing and drawing convenience, making it easier for you to use with your PC or Mac.

See what we thought of this product at our CyberTablet M14 review page.

5. Genius EasyPen i405 Graphics Tablet (Silver)

Genius EasyPen i405 Graphics Tablet (Silver)EasyPen i405, 4-Inch x 5.5-Inch graphic tablet for painting & drawing. Now here’s a simple, easy, and fun way to show your creativity. The new EasyPen i405 from Genius allows you to freely express yourself on your computer by simply touching the pen tip to the tablet. The 4-Inch x 5.5-Inch working area with the cordless pen is great for Windows and MAC users to write, draw, sketch or sign emails. Using EasyPen i405 gives you more convenience and is easier to control compared to a mouse.

The cursor moves precisely where you position the pen. Just click the pen on any of the 28 programmable shortcut keys for instant access to Office and Internet functions. You just need to barely touch the pen to start a funciton, it features two buttons and 1024 level pressure sensitivity for thickness during drawing or writing. You can store the pen in the clip on the right and this makes it easy to carry and store. Touch up digital photos, draw by hand, create artwork and paintings, and even write in your own handwriting, EasyPen i405 has all these options at your disposal.

We have not had our review copy of the EasyPen i405 yet, but you can read the customer i405 reviews over at Amazon.

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Jessica - September 30, 2010

Havon graphics tablets turn to be more and more famous.May be oneday it will win the top spot.

Robert - October 1, 2010

Please review the Hanvon tablet from Telbak Technology. These tablets are Battery less, same technology as Wacom but for less.

byron from core web design - March 1, 2011

what about the Aiptek MediaTablet 14000U – Graphics Tablet – Digitizer ?

would be interested to know your thoughts on this


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