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Small Graphics Tablet Recommendations

Technology is all well and good, but when you are carrying around a laptop, power supply, mouse and bag, things can get a little cumbersome. Also, at your computer desk or table, you need to keep room there for a cup of coffee, the telephone, kids drawings or that newtons cradle you got for christmas. You need space to work, which is where a small graphics tablet comes in.

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Top 5 Wacom Graphics Tablets

Wacom seem to have it made. Not only do they produce excellent products at pretty reasonable prices, but they also have established themselves as the market leader in the graphics tablet industry. Products made by them were once only used by graphucs designers or photoshop gurus but Wacom have made massive in-roads to the consumer market, getting their USB graphics tablets into the homes of millions of people all over the world.

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What is a graphics tablet used for

The main and primary reason why someone would want to use a graphics tablet is to aid their input to a computer. A graphics tablet is a device that allows the user to use a stylus or pen to make strokes and marks like a normal pencil on paper but the marks appear on the […]

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What is an interactive pen display

There are now two distinct kinds of graphics tablets, ones with a built in monitor and those that are an external device connected via USB to your PC or Mac. Those with a built in TFT screen are known as Interactive Pen Display devices. As with a normal USB Graphics Tablet, the user makes input […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Using A Graphics Tablet

There are many reasons why you would want to use a Graphics Tablet or interactive pen display to help you produce digital art and images – and not many against! I will cover a few of the plus points of owning one of these devices and then summarize some of the downsides too. But be […]

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What size graphics tablet should I buy

The various makers and manufacturers of graphics tablets and interactive pen displays have realised that people want to use them for different things. Some people use them to produce high quality, commercial images used for advertising, print and film, where as others will be used by part time creative people or children. The smaller and […]

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What Is A Graphics Tablet

There are many reasons why a traditional artist may want to transfer to using a digital medium. With the advent of the Internet and digital publishing, the format and tools used to create publications have changed rapidly sometimes leaving the artist behind with out-dated skills. Put simply, a graphics tablet or interactive pen display unit […]

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