What Is The Best Graphics Tablet For Drawing Comic Strips?

best graphics tablet for comics

Producing digital comics, whether they are simple webstrips or full blown Anime and Manga stories, becomes much easier if you are using a graphics tablet. Many artists draw a basic version of the comic strip and then scan the image in, using the graphics tablet to add ink lines, color, patterns and designs to produce … Read more

Best Graphics Tablet For Linux

One major chink in the Wacom armour is that they do not support the use of Linux out of the box. It does seem incredible to me, that a company with such a massive lead in this industry would ignore the Linux users, possibly a large chunk of their market. However, they are helping an … Read more

Best Graphics Tablet For Beginners

This is quite a common question from people who have not used a graphics tablet before and are taking their first steps into using such a device. The question might actually be better asked as “what is the best graphics tablet for the first time user”. I would assume that someone who wanted a graphics … Read more

Best Graphics Tablet For Photoshop

If you are a (lucky) user of Photoshop and have decided to extend away from just using a mouse to draw with, the graphics tablet, or pen tablet is pretty much your only choice. ¬†Unless you have several thousand to spend on a swanky LCD drawing tablet, a standard USB model that allows you to … Read more

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Review

wacom cintiq 24hd

The Cintiq range from Wacom is their highest model type, designed for professional animators and digital artists. You might see someone from Pixar using something like this, or someone who does digital images and artwork for a living. Put simply, the Wacom Cintiq 24HD is the best graphics tablet you will ever use – if … Read more

Wacom Intuos5 Graphics Tablet Review

Wacom, the kings of the Graphics Tablet, have several product lines available, aimed at slightly different markets. From the full time professional users of the Cintiq range, to the grandmother who wants to edit a picture on her Bamboo Fun, they try to capture as many different kinds of people as possible. The new Intuos … Read more

Best Graphics Tablet For Mac

Which is the best graphics tablet to buy to use with a Mac? These days, most graphics tablets are cross compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, although, there was a time where this was not the case even though most digital artists used Mac’s for their day jobs. Buying the best tablet for your iMac … Read more