Do I need a graphics tablet for Adobe Illustrator?

In short, the answer is no, you do not need a graphics tablet to use Adobe Illustrator.

You would use a graphics tablet with Adobe Photoshop rather than Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is a vector drawing program where you create images using points and lines.

Whereas, Adobe Photoshop is a pixel-based graphics program. You create images and designs using pixels.

As a result, you would be more likely to need to use a drawing tablet to create work with Photoshop. Pixel art is more complex and often replicates real art supplies.

With Illustrator you are more likely to use a mouse rather than a drawing tablet for the majority of your work. You are often creating lines and setting thickness and color afterwards. Whereas, in

Photoshop you may want a watercolor style effect where colors blend and merge.
If your image does not involve any pixel-based tools like brushes or filters, use your mouse.

But, it will come down to your personal choice more than anything.

Which graphics tablets work with Adobe Illustrator?

As they replace your mouse cursor, all graphics tablets will work with Adobe Illustrator.

One of the most popular graphics tablet brands for digital artists and illustrators is Wacom. But, there are many cheaper brands available with similar specifications.

The difference between them lies in their build quality and specifications. Some features like pressure sensitivity won’t be applicable in Illustrator anyway.

If you are unsure if your tablet will work, download the free trial of Illustrator and see if it is compatible.

Can you use Adobe Illustrator on a Wacom tablet?

image of illustration and laptop

Yes, it is possible to use Adobe Illustrator on a Wacom tablet.

But, there are many other brands with similar specifications available for cheaper prices. You do not need to buy a Wacom if you don’t need lots of pressure sensitivity levels or pen tilt control.

You can use Illustrator with a mouse, so it is not necessary to buy a graphics tablet only for this app.

So, to recap, you don’t need to invest in an expensive graphics tablet. Adobe Illustrator will work with any input device, including a standard USB mouse!

So grab your tablet or mouse and start creating vector illustrations today!

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