How To Convert Any LCD Screen Into A Graphics Tablet

There are 2 types of graphics tablet. The usual one where the area you write and draw on is separate from the computer and the other kind is where you draw directly onto an LCD screen.

The latter of these types is very expensive, made by Wacom and is only normally used by professional graphic artists, but now there is a cheaper solution that can be used at home on any type of LCD screen.

The product is called DUO and is currently available for laptop users only, but a desktop LCD version is on it’s way very soon.

The device comes in 2 parts. The first part sits on top of your laptop display, beaming a sensor light down over the screen. The pen can then be used to interact with the screen for drawing, writing or any other function that can be done using the mouse.

This inexpensive product opens the doors to a whole new way of drawing with your PC.

No longer will you need to spend piles of money on the latest Wacom Pen Display unit to be able to draw directly onto a screen. Also, long gone are the days of lightpens, which saw their peak back in the 80s.

The DUO is the perfect solution to being able to convert any LCD screen to be a pen display and works with the majority of Windows laptops and soon with Macbooks too.

Save money and buy this product now!

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