Genius G-Pen M712 Graphics Tablet Review

Genius G-Pen F509 Slim Tablet
  • 5.25 x 8.75 inches working area operates with...
  • Exquisite slim pad design
  • 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all shapes and...
  • Make Handwriting notes/drawings efficiently in...
The manufacturer of PC and Mac hardware peripherals, Genius has pulled it out the bag again with the Genius G-Pen M712 Graphics Tablet. This space age, uniquely designed tablet offers many things that more expensive manufacturers do not. The range of G-Pen graphics tablets they make are all classed as entry level due to the price they are sold at, but they are by no means inferior to their more expensive cousins.

The G-Pen M712 is the flagship, top of the range Graphics Tablet in Genius’s product line. It has the largest active drawing area of any of their tablets and also provides some physical buttons and interfaces to be used with your fingers too. It has a high 4000lpi (lines per inch) resolution which is great for working with larger images and will give you better and finer control over the output of the pen. The M712 also has the ability to switch between standard and widescreen sized active working areas, so those of you who are still holding onto that old CRT monitor will be glad.

Around the inside of the sleek, black bezel you will find 34 fast shortcut keys that give you access to frequently used applications, macros or menu commands. These can all be customized using the software and drivers supplied on CD. The border also contains 2 “rolling pads”, one each for right and left handed users. These pads, when used in conjunction with 5 selector buttons in between will give you access to control things like scrolling, zooming and even adjusting the volume by the use of rotating the rolling pad left or right.

The supplied cordless pen features 2 buttons that allow you to quickly and easily adjust the style of your stroke when writing, annotating, note taking, drawing or painting and also features 1024 levels of sensitivity which will allow you to be very precise with your work. The pen sits neatly in a separate holder when not in use.

As with all of the other graphics tablets supplied via Genius, the M712 is fully plug and play compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and can be used with the “write anywhere” functions is provides.

Again, Genius have pulled one out of the bag against the likes of Wacom or Vistablet. The G-Pen M712 is an accomplished USB graphics tablet and is worthy of your attention and consideration. Although some people prefer to opt for a more expensive model from a known brand name such as Wacom, Genius are here to tell you that, all things being equal – they are a great alternative.

Detail Value
Model Name Genius G-Pen M712
Includes Pen Yes (cordless)
Includes Mouse No
Widescreen format Yes (and standard)
Supprts left and right handed users Yes
Active Area Size (inches) 12 x7.25 (wide) 9.5 x7.25 (standard)
Physical dimensions (inches) 19 x 14 x 3
Pressure sensitivity levels 1024
Programable Keys 34