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Although Wacom may rule the roost when it comes to professional graphics tablets, there are those of us who only want something simple, effective, capable and (most importantly) cheap. The VT (Vistablet) PenPad is an entry level tablet that is deigned to fit all of those points and does not fail to deliver – on any of them!

The manufacturers have touted this as the “newest, most affordable and lowest priced graphic tablet on the market”. It has been designed for people who want to test out what using a graphics tablet is like, without hurting their pockets too much. Made to work with Mac and Windows computers, the VT PenPad is a great tablet if you want your kids to get into digital art, work with marking up documents or draw, paint and design.

The VT PenPad is also designed to be portable and light. The material it is made from allows it to bend and ply like a heavy duty mouse-mat, all without damaging the product itself. It could be the perfect tool for the “road warrior” businessman type who needs to be able to sign digital documents when out of the office. It is also perfect for students who can take it with them between classes or lectures. With 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, the pen and tablet are great for doing drawings, sketches and notes.

  • Learning Tool: Great tool for children and adults alike who are new to the graphics tablet world.
  • Everyday use: Virtual tool for everyday use, are slimmest and most flexible tablet ever
  • Drawing Tool: VT PenPad is designed for beginning and advanced artist alike.
  • Great for Travelers: The most ideal tablet for travellers, no need to sacrifice for performance for versatility.
  • Ideal Gift: Is a gift that is sure to be on the list of any traveller, professional, student, artist, or any one that uses a computer.


  • The VT PenPad is lightweight and portable and easy to set up and use.
  • The pen uses AAA batteries and the usage life is good.
  • Cheap to buy – will not put a massive dent in your wallet for a first time user.
  • Works with PC and Mac – compatible with all of the software you use today and more.
  • Great for children to use – not too expensive to worry about but good enough to use every day.
  • Comes with a driver disk that also allows you to download graphics software to turn you into a digital artist.


  • Cheaply manufactured – could have been better produced – may lead people to consider a more expensive model.
  • The pen feels a little light and cheap – you may want to invest in another Vistablet version.
  • The USB cable between the tablet and the computer is quite short – you may need to buy an extension cable.
  • Some users have found the tablet to be slow and unresponsive to input.
  • The pen may be too large or chunky for very small hands.

VW PenPad Review Conclusion.

This product is a great entry level graphics tablet and is priced as such. The reason why people buy this product is that they are confused or curious about if they will use a graphics tablet and they want to test the water. We don’t expect that a digital artist will buy this product, but it is certainly ideal for your grandmother who wants to experiment or for your children to play with. It would also suit students who are on a budget too.

From a technical perspective, the tablet offers many features of more expensive models at a fraction of the price. Many users of the VT PenPad are very happy with it and have recommended it to others.

Sometimes, cheap and cheerful is perfect!

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