Hi, I am Jim Baskin and welcome to Graphics Tablet Reviews.

I admit it: I am a geek.

I work in IT support for a large digital design company in San Francisco and spend my days fixing Mac and PC problems.

Most of the computers have graphics tablets attached, so I know a lot about them. I am not an expert, but can be considered an enthusiast.

I also own a Macbook Pro and Cintiq 12WX, drawing using Photoshop and Affinity Photo.

I aim to get this website to become the premier review site on the internet for Graphics Tablets and associated software and peripherals.

It is not only Wacom who own the business of selling graphics tablets, there are other companies too such as Genius or Vistablet.  They are equally as good as Wacom and deserve your attention before you hop off to buy one.

Please read through our graphics tablet reviews section and contact me with any questions or reviews you would like to see.



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  1. Hello,

    If possible a scoring system would be great for your site as well as categories of usage. An interesting review would be on teh Aiptek models. Poeple rave about them but an independent review would be good.

    Interesting site:) It was exactly what i was looking for.

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