Adesso CyberTablet 12000 Review

Adesso 12 x 9 Inches Graphics USB Tablet with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 (CT-12000A)
  • 12" x 9" writing area, making it the ideal choice...
  • Wireless 2 button pen with 512 levels of pressure...
  • High accuracy and sensitivity for a highly...
  • 512 gradations of pressure sensitivity for highly...
Another maker of good and reasonably priced USB graphics tablets is Adesso. They currently make around 8 models which range from entry level products to professional tablets. They also provide an A4 style tablet for writing and recording notes which will be covered in a separate review.

We will be looking at the Adesso CyberTablet 12000 today. There is also a CyberTablet 12000A model too, which comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 but this model of graphics tablet does not offer anything new to the product genre. It boasts a 12×9 inch digital canvas, a cordless pen and mouse. The pen is sensitive to 512 levels and works great with the bundled software such as PhotoImpact 12 SE or Office Ink that will allow you to sign and annotate documents in almost any application.

The actual graphics tablet itself is great and features very good tracking and produced excellent results in our tests. The active area also supports 16 buttons for quick and easy access to different applications or functions within those applications. The buttons run along the top of the graphics tablet and can get in the way if your pen strays into this area whilst drawing and Microsoft Word pops up. The only manufacturer who seem to have noticed this and remedied it quite quickly was Wacom. All of their quick access keys are external to the active area where all of the drawing is done.

Overall, the Adesso CyberTablet 12000 is very adequate for general use and should not be discarded due to their relatively unknown name or brand identity. You will certainly save money compared to an equally sized Wacom Intuos graphics tablet and due to the aggressive pricing of the CyberTablet 12000, many will chose the cheaper option.

Item Detail
Product Name Adesso CyberTablet 12000
Size 18 x 3 x 16 inches
Weight 4.8 pounds
Pen Supplied Yes (2 button cordless)
Mouse Supplied Yes (cordless)
Software Supplied Various
Operating Systems Supported Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X
Connectivity USB