Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium Graphics Tablet Review

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Wacom are quite a clever company. Not only did they release the perfect consumer entry level graphics tablet, the Wacom Bamboo Fun, they also made it in 4 colors and 2 sizes. This review will cover the larger of the 2 sizes, the Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium. If you want to learn more about the smaller product, then please head over to the Wacom Bamboo Fun review.

Essentially, the Bamboo Fun Medium is exactly the same as the Bamboo Fun, but it come equipped with a larger active area to draw on with either the Wacom Fun Pen or the Wacom Fun Mouse. With a larger active area it will allow for longer lines or strokes to be drawn and greater accuracy and detail to be achieved in your drawings. Remember that the active area on the graphics tablet corresponds exactly to the screen, so the larger the tablet, the better accuracy you will get.

As with the smaller version of the Bamboo Fun, the medium size version comes in 4 different colors to suit anyone. Electric blue, silver, white and black versions are available and the pen and mouse are also colored to match. As with the younger sibling, the Medium still has the same 4 programable buttons that allow you to select macros or menu items with one click and it also features the Wacom “touch ring” which allows you to quickly zoom in and out of the document or image you are working on in the same way that you use the click wheel of an iPod.

Overall, other than physical size and a greater active area, there is no difference between the small and medium sizes. You might be lead to think that there is a Wacom Bamboo Fun Large model hiding somewhere in the product lineup but that space is reserved by the Intuos range of tablets from the same manufacturer.

The bottom line is that if you want to get into creating and editing digital images or graphics on your PC or Mac, this is a perfect entry level product. The medium size version of the Bamboo Fun graphics tablet will ensure that you have a larger area to work on and you will feel less restricted or constrained.

Detail Value
Model Name Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium
Includes Wacom Fun Pen Yes
Includes Wacom Fun Mouse Yes
Widescreen format Yes
Supprts left and right handed users Yes
Active Area Size (inches) 8.5 x 5.3
Physical dimensions (inches) 11.0 x 9.3 x 0.3
Pressure sensitivity levels 512
Express Keys 4

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