Best Graphics Tablet For Mac

Which is the best graphics tablet to buy to use with a Mac?

These days, most graphics tablets are cross compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, although, there was a time where this was not the case even though most digital artists used Mac’s for their day jobs.

Buying the best tablet for your iMac or Macbook is important for several reasons. You need to ensure that the tablet you buy is going to work and also be capable of allowing your total creative freedom without restriction.

Sometimes, buying a cheap graphics tablet can be a great way to test the water and get into digital art and photo manipulation – but is buying cheaper a good idea or not? In this article we will discuss the current best selling graphics tablet for use with a Mac – the perfect partner to your existing computer.

What points do I need to think about when buying a graphics tablet for Mac?

The great thing about Mac computers is that they often “just work”, letting you plug in peripherals and use them without struggling to find the driver disk.

The main thing you have to be aware of when choosing your product is that it works with your particular version of OS X.

Another main consideration will be price – how much are you prepared to spend? It is a good idea to look at your intended use for the tablet and match it to the price. Don’t buy the best on the market if you are only going to let your children use it for doodling.

Do you want a product that is portable to use with your MacBook or one for an iMac at home?

Our picks of the best graphics tablet for Mac:

1. Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet

Wacom Bamboo Create Pen TabletThis larger version of the popular tablet will give you the space and capability to design, draw, edit and work with any kind of digital file on your Mac.

Wacom are the world leader when it comes to graphics tablets, so this is almost a no brainer. People buy the Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet because it works seamlessly with their Mac and it works out of the box.

The pen is easy to use and is cable-free, leaving you free to work with programs such as Photoshop, Corel Painter and more. Mac users will benefit from a CD of programs and tools to help you get the most from your Wacom Bamboo tablet, adding extra apps, functions and uses for this excellent tablet.

The price of this model is also very low for such a large, full featured product.

2. VT PenPad 7.7-Inch Graphic Pen Tablet

vt penpad graphics tabletThe VT PenPad is a very different tablet to our previous choice.

Price is an obvious difference but the main selling feature of this product is that it is designed to be portable, flexible, lightweight yet still effective.

Many people are choosing this entry level graphics tablet due to the excellent price and the fact that it is a perfect product for the first time user.

Students will love the fact that it can be put into a rucksack or bag and taken to college to use for note taking and business professionals can tuck it into their laptop bag to take with them to meetings. The VT PenPad is perfect for kids and those who are not wanting to spend too much money.

Our pick of the best graphics tablet for Mac:

Out of the 2 we have chosen, which are both at different ends of the spectrum, our pick would be the Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet.

Wacom Bamboo Create Pen and Touch Tablet (CTH670)
  • Bring your full creativity to life with the...
  • Work with more than twice the active area, 4...
  • Tablet Resolution: 2540
  • Active Area: 8.5 x 5.4-Inches / 21.6 x 13.7cm

This is due to the fact that Wacom are not the industry leaders in these products for no reason.

The quality of their tablets is second to none and they are the choice of professionals. The Bamboo range is ideal for beginners or experienced digital artists alike and reviewers have even commented that it is “better than you’d expect for a fun tablet” and to “Give a tablet a try, you’ll be amazed once you do!”.

Our recommendation: Wacom Bamboo Create Pen Tablet

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