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If you are a (lucky) user of Photoshop and have decided to extend away from just using a mouse to draw with, the graphics tablet, or pen tablet is pretty much your only choice.  Unless you have several thousand to spend on a swanky LCD drawing tablet, a standard USB model that allows you to use a wireless pen to draw directly into the Photoshop application is what you are after.  Also, the device must have a pen that is pressure sensitive, as the harder you press, the darker the lines will be or the heavier the brush strokes.  Using a tablet with Photoshop that does not have this type of feature (which some cheap tablets do) is just not worth your time or money.

The bestselling graphics tablet that is ideal for photoshop at the moment is the following:

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Wacom hold the top spot for having the best graphics tablets, having the widest range of devices that are designed for all types of users, from kids to professional digital artists and they have also been making them for many years – so they know what they are doing!

The Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen And Touch tablet is ideal for you if you are looking to get your first tablet for using with Photoshop.  It comes with a battery free pen that registers 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity when you are drawing.

Anything more than that is really in the realms of pro digital artists, so 1024 is more than enough for Photoshop work.

The size of the tablet is also great, at 11 by 7 inches, you will not feel uncomfortable when drawing.

One great feature of this model is that as well as using the pen, you can pinch and swipe using your fingers.  This will allow you to zoom, rotate and move around your drawing.  Once you have got used to this, it is amazingly powerful and will make it much easier to draw.

  • Pen input
  • 1024 pressure levels
  • Multi-Touch input (pen and touch)
  • Four programmable ExpressKeys
  • Wireless compatible

Connected by USB, this tablet is compatible with PC and Mac and ships with a host of software for you to extend your use.

Photoshop is an amazing product and pretty much all you will ever need for editing images and creating pictures, but programs like Autodesk Sketchbook Express which is included on the CD you get in the box, adds more tools and more lifelike brushes and options for you to use.

My advice would be to not opt for a cheaper graphics tablet and stick with the Wacom range.  The Wacom Bamboo Capture is a mid-level tablet and there are others that are smaller that may be perfect for your needs too.

The cheaper models from other manufacturers will offer similar capabilities and will all be compatible with Photoshop, but Wacom is definitely the manufacturer to choose.  See our Top Graphics Tablets Without Wacom page for more ideas on cheaper models.

Top 5 graphics tablets that are perfect for Photoshop:

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