Genius G-Pen F610 Ultra Slim Graphics Tablet Review

Genius G-Pen F610 Ultra-Slim Tablet
  • 6 x 10 inch working area operates with latest...
  • Exquisite slim pad design
  • 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all shapes and...
  • Make handwriting notes/drawings efficiently in...
Genius seem to be cornering the market for cheaper and very feature rich products such as their range of G-Pen graphics tablets. The G-Pen F610 is known as an ultra slim tablet due to its small size and weight. It looks great in matte black with a darker grey active area which measures 6×10 inches.

Around the outside edges of the active area you will find 29 programable hot keys that can be assigned to functions within the application you are working on such as Adobe Photoshop or operating system functions such as accessing the Start menu in Windows Vista or loading applications with 1 click. These hot keys extend the productivity you will enjoy with this G-Pen tablet and make it a serious contender to the Wacom crown.

The USB graphics tablet comes supplied with a cordless pen which does not have an eraser function when you turn it on it’s end. Something that is so useful, once you have got a pen that performs that way, you will never go back. The pen responds to 1024 levels of sensitivity, although trying to create strong, dark lines may prove difficult as many people complain that you have to press too hard. The graphics tablet also comes with a stand or cradle to hold your pen when not in use.

The Genius F610 graphics tablet is fully plug and play compliant with Windows Vista, and can be used with the generous amount of character recognition and “write anywhere” functions that Vista allows. It comes bundled with a CD of drivers for other legacy operating systems as well as a trial of Ulead Photoimpact. You may want to head straight over to the Adobe website and download a copy of Photoshop though, or try something such as Artrage.

In conclusion, the F610 is a competent entry level USB graphics tablet with some features that Wacom do not provide in their tablets. Although this may be an entry level tablet and cannot compare like for like with the Wacom Intuos or Bamboo range, it holds it’s own and will provide many hours or enjoyment for amateur or professional alike.

Detail Value
Model Name Genius G-Pen F610 Ultra Slim
Includes Pen Yes (cordless)
Includes Mouse No
Widescreen format Yes
Supprts left and right handed users Yes
Active Area Size (inches) 6 x 10
Physical dimensions (inches) 14.6 x 13 x 2
Pressure sensitivity levels 1024
Programable Keys 24

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