Vistablet Original 12W Graphics Tablet Review

VT 12-Inch Graphic Pen Tablet Original
  • Most Affordable Tablet On The Market
  • Thinnest and Most Portable Tablet On The Market
  • 1024 levels of sensitivity to the pen-pressure
  • Mac and Windows Compatible

The Vistablet website touts that their Original 12W model of USB graphics tablet is “The most affordable on the market” as well as “The thinest and most portable.

At only 1 inch thick, this may be true, but does it hold up against the might of Wacom or Genius when it comes to quality, features and usability.

As with all other USB graphics tablets, the Vistablet Original 12W connects to your PC or Mac via a USB cable and does not require any additional power except for the battery you will need to power the cordless stylus.

This pad is thin and this does make it ultra portable and is perfect for throwing into your laptop bag and carrying around with you without you even knowing it is there. At a weight of only 2.6 pounds, this is definitely one of the lightest graphics tablets in our review section.

But does light and slim mean less features and lower quality?

Luckily there, the answer is also no. Vistablet have certainly made sure that this 12W product is their flagship item and you would have to look pretty hard to find a better or equal graphics tablet for a similar price.

Unlike the range from Genius, the Vistablet 12W is fully compatible with Mac OS X as well as Windows XP and Vista. The supplied software, pen compatible games and drivers are perfect and give you every configuration and tweaking option you can think of.

Some people have complained that the drivers on the supplied CD are out of date, so be sure to download the latest ones from the Vistablet website.

The Vistablet 12W has a handy series of 29 “macro fields” arranged around the outside of the active area where you can quickly access common applications and features, although these are able to be changed via the supplied software.

The tablet is also 100% compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and Windows Vista, so you will not be left wanting for a compatible list of software.

The supplied pen feature 1024 levels of sensitivity, which is often double that of a similarly prices Wacom pad and also sports 2 buttons for accessing other commonly used things such as right click or quickly changing to a eraser to delete your mistake.

As with the Genius range of graphics tablets, if you are looking for purchase an entry level tablet and don’t want to shell out lots of money for a Wacom, then the Vistablet Original 12W is a perfect choice.

It performs well, comes in black or silver and has all of the features you would expect a modern tablet to have and all at a great price too. They many not make lots of different products, but Vistablet have got this one right. If you are only going to make a few products, you make them right!

Product NameVistablet Original 12W
Physical Size (inches)12 x 1 x 10
Active area (inches)12.1 diagnonal – 9.5 x 5.5 actual
Pen SuppliedYes
Mouse SuppliedNo
Weight2.6 pounds
CompatibilityWindows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X

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