Top 5 Wacom Graphics Tablets

Wacom seem to have it made. Not only do they produce excellent products at pretty reasonable prices, but they also have established themselves as the market leader in the graphics tablet industry.

Products made by them were once only used by graphics designers or photoshop gurus but Wacom have made massive in-roads to the consumer market, getting their USB graphics tablets into the homes of millions of people all over the world.

This is a list of the current best selling graphics tablets from Wacom (based on sales data from a number of online retailers).

The interesting thing to note is that only one of them is designed to be a more professional model and the rest are for home users.

wacom bamboo graphics tablet review1. Wacom Bambo Pen Tablet
The sleek, black bamboo tablet has become the staple diet for designers and artists all over the world.

This product was the perfect price and the perfect size for people who wanted to get access to a tablet but did not want to dive straight in at the deep end, or risk buying an inferior product from another manufacturer.

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wacom intuos3 review2. Wacom Intuos3 6×8 Pen Tablet
Out of these 5 products, this is the one that can be considered as more “professional” than the others.

The Intuos3 offers a large workspace with a comfortable, lap sized tablet. You get the usual Wacom excellence, with quick access buttons and a 3d mouse to boot!

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wacom bamboo fun silver3. Wacom Silver Bamboo Fun Tablet
The cute little baby bamboo is the 3rd best selling Wacom tablet according to the sales figures.

It may be small in size and designed for home use, but the Bamboo Fun is fast becoming the favorite product for those who may not use a tablet all the time when using the PC.

Great specification, great price – and it’s SILVER too!

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wacom bamboo fun graphics tablet4. Wacom Bamboo Fun
The Bamboo fun continues to dominate the top sellers chart, but this model offers more space to draw, a sleeker design and greater control over your pen strokes, thanks to the excellent pen tracking and sensitivity options.

I think this is the one I would buy if I was in the market for a new tablet today.

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wacom bamboo pen and touch graphics tablet review5. Wacom Bamboo Pen And Touch Small
Wacom decided that as well as letting us use a mouse and a wireless pen on the graphics tablets, that they would also let us use it as a multi touch interface to our computers.

The Pen And Touch, doubles as a trackpad for your fingers, letting you pinch, zoom, swipe and scroll around documents, photos and even the internet. Does it work as a product?

I like the idea, but Wacom may be trying to hit too many targets with this one, although it is an excellent product.

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wacom Graphics Tablets”

  1. I have been an avid cartoonist but I saw a drawing tablet that allows you to draw with your computer. most of my drawings are of people and scenes. I also heard that a tablet is only good for designers not cartoonists like me. please enlight me should I buy or look for another product.

  2. Hi Manny,
    I would say that graphics tablets are more suited to artists than designers. I know plenty of people who use graphics tablets to draw cartoons. I bet there are lots of professional cartoonists that do!

  3. Hello Sir,
    I m Graphic Designer now I m studying on Matte Painting few months I have confusion about Tablets, Tablet PCs, Graphic Pens..etc. please give me any suggestions on what are they which product will help me on matte painting…my budget is from 50 to 118$(dollars)
    Thank you

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