DigiPro 4×3 USB Graphics Tablet Review

4" x 3" DigiPro WP4030 USB Graphics Tablet w/Cordless Pen (Black)
  • Graphics Tablet with Cordless Stylus General...
  • All Mouse functions USB interface
  • Soft-tip pen with 1024 levels of pressure for...
  • Capturing signatures and drawing for inserting...
If you are looking for an entry level graphics tablet and are not quite convinced that your latest artistic venture warrants the purchase of a Wacom tablet, then you will be considering the other manufacturers such as Adesso, Genius or DigiPro. Although they are cheaper in price to the Wacom models, the ones made by DigiPro are good quality and are perfect for your first USB graphics tablet.

The 4×3 inch tablet reviewed here is a good example of how good a cheap graphics tablet can be. It is DigiPro’s smallest tablet available, but does not skimp on features and quality. It may lack the quick access buttons that more expensive tablets have, and the pen may not be able to produce fine levels of pressure sensitivity, but the DigiPro tablet is great if you just want to plug it in and draw. The pen is covered with a nice amount of rubber coating, so will not slip in your hand and the tablet installs via USB with no problems and can be used in many different applications.

Paint, draw, write, sign, and sketch all your documents and applications! This Drawing Tablet comes equipped with a pressure sensitive stylus pen giving you the right tools for any task! The tablet features a 4×3-inch working area with a pen holder and indicator and a built-in USB cable. The stylus pen has 512 levels of pressure sensitivity and is compatible with most graphic software such as Painter and Adobe Photoshop.

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