VT PenPad Review

vt penpad graphics tablet

Although Wacom may rule the roost when it comes to professional graphics tablets, there are those of us who only want something simple, effective, capable and (most importantly) cheap. The VT (Vistablet) PenPad is an entry level tablet that is deigned to fit all of those points and does not fail to deliver – on … Read more VT PenPad Review

Small Graphics Tablet Recommendations

Technology is all well and good, but when you are carrying around a laptop, power supply, mouse and bag, things can get a little cumbersome. Also, at your computer desk or table, you need to keep room there for a cup of coffee, the telephone, kids drawings or that newtons cradle you got for christmas. You need space to work, which is where a small graphics tablet comes in.

Adesso Cyberpad A4 Graphics Tablet Review

If you are looking for a graphics tablet that allows you to take it with you when you’re away from your desk – and not be tied to your laptop or your computer all the time, you might want to consider the Adesso Cyberpad A4. This unique device operates in the same way as a … Read more Adesso Cyberpad A4 Graphics Tablet Review